Hey, it's Gio - I teach pilates: group classes, private sessions, online and live in NYC See you on the mat!

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All times are EST  |  All classes are recorded  |  Zoom passcode: pilates
- On Zoom
- In person at The Space Pilates Studio (900 Broadway, NYC) 
- In person in my home studio (Greenpoint, BK)


Reach out if you want to schedule 2 classes in the same week as here is a SPECIAL PRICE !

Group Classes are held at The Space Pilates Studio (900 Broadway, NYC) Capped at 5 reformers
Proof of Vaccination Required Masks Recommended 




For those who are unable to take class because of different time zones or work schedules (and for those who just want to take the same class twice!): 
Each live class will be recorded and will have its own individual password-protected link
Each link to a recorded mat class is $10 and is valid 48 hours from the time it was recorded.
Pilates With Gio - On Demand 
Find 40+ videos available for rent here 
Intermediate and high Intermediate Mat classes and stretch classes using various props

Prenatal on Demand ! 

An easy to follow, user friendly mat class that focuses on good form and proper breathing patterns, as well as creating length, strength, stability and postural awareness with uncomplicated cueing and a deliberate pace.

When you take the lunch time class, feel free to leave at 1pm, 1.15, or stay until the end at 1.30pm following this format: 
12.30-1.15 - Pilates Mat 
1.15-1.30 - Stretch ​​​​​​​
(Live) Reformer Classes (55 min)
$60 for 2 classes taken in the SAME week

(Live) Private session at 900 Broadway (55 min)

(Live) Private session in Greenpoint (55 min) 

Zoom Group Mat Classes 
Mat classes (live and recorded): $10

Zoom Private sessions
45 min: $75
60 min: $90

ZELLE / QUICKPAY : Gio@PilatesWithGio.com
"Gio has a remarkable understanding of anatomy and body mechanics. She provides form correction in real time (even while teaching remotely) and always tailors her classes to accommodate students of different levels. She also has an incredible energy and warmth, and genuinely connects with each person individually. I always look forward to the next class!"
- Inna K, Neurologist
"About 3 years ago I was looking for a new outlet and way I could commit to working out when I met Gio and what I found was so much more. I gained a constant support and safe space for my body, mind, and progress (no matter how small) but more important than that, I gained a friend for life. Gio has changed my relationship with my body for the better and has been an overall shining light in my life since that fateful day back in April of 2017."
- Jacklyn F, NYC
"Giovanna is an extremely thoughtful and attentive Pilates instructor, her classes are flowing and I always feel rejuvenated after taking a class with her. She will help you to feel better and will make you laugh on the way to a better shape."
- Sandy B, NYC
“Giovanna is a wizard! I’ve studied Pilates for over 10 years, but encountering her teaching was entering another plane: her creative and intelligent sequencing, clear cuing, and profound knowledge of the body make her the best Pilates teacher I know of.”
- Laura M, dancer 
“I got to meet Giovanna in the weird times of strict covid lockdown and discovering her and taking her remote classes is definitely one of the top silver linings of these times. Giovanna is an excellent Pilates teacher. Her directions are incredibly helpful and precise, making the workout really effective even behind a screen. I have taken Pilates for many years and so I can say I have other points of comparison. Giovanna is the best teacher I’ve had in more than 10 years of practice. The slow pace and preciseness of Pilates has always worked really well for my body, but how a teacher gives those directions, how clear they are, makes a huge difference. Giovanna changes her classes around often and is always finding additional ways to cue you. I couldn’t recommend more that you try her classes in any format you can.”

Rita T, Brooklyn, NY
"Gio is truly the best. She understands the body (especially female) and is able to communicate in a way that makes sense to someone with zero anatomy knowledge. Her pre and post natal knowledge helped me have zero complications throughout both of my pregnancies and labor and deliveries. Our Pilates sessions are a highlight of my week. Her group and private classes are paced well, her transitions make sense and she targets each part of the body in an order that challenges you."
- Maggie B. 
"Watches your core and alignment like a hawk, challenges you to push yourself and realize your strength, takes you through the process of understanding your body through Pilates with love and compassion! This is what Pilates sessions with Gio are like. 
Her attention to detail and technique is incredible. My reason to start Pilates was my weak back and I am so glad my Pilates journey started with Gio. She has made me understand my body so well. I leave each session feeling stronger and great about myself, plus all the fun and silly conversations we get to have during the session, is a bonus. Pilates is now part of my everyday life and that’s all thanks to Gio!"
- Rasika N, Model
I started taking class with Gio in 2015 and have been a dedicated student of hers ever since. Her understanding of movement has transformed my practice and body. And her energy is both soothing and uplifting. I never leave her class without a giggle or a good sweat! 
-Jessie T, NYC
"Gio is a phenomenal instructor and someone I trust implicitly with her customized approach to Pilates and knowing what is best for me and body throughout different stages of life. I have worked with Gio both pre and postpartum and she has helped me regain strength and confidence in myself and my body every step of the way. She truly is the best!” 
- Heather S, Sales Manager
Giovanna (Gio) Gamna was born and raised in Italy. She came to the US in 2005 to follow a dream and enrolled into the SUNY Dance Conservatory at Purchase, NY. Since her graduation in 2009, she has danced professionally as a freelancer in NYC, and still is, after the birth of her son Elio in 2018. 

She got her comprehensive Pilates Certification in 2013 through Balanced Body university, studying with master teacher Lesley Powell. As a mom, Gio is also passionate about pre and postnatal exercise, recovery, and support. She holds a Pre and Post-natal Pilates certification by Little Bridge Pilates in New York City. 

As a teacher, Gio is patient, articulate, and creative; she strives to make “PILATES” easy to follow, accessible, and free of any type of unnecessary frill.  She aspires to use imagery as a way to channel physical sensations, and has one goal in mind - to make her clients, her fellow class takers, and her friends, feel better in their body, in their lives, and throughout their day. 

Her Zoom classes have been running since the beginning of the lockdown of Covid-19; they tailor to everyone, taking into account the seasoned practitioner as well as the beginner, the injured as well the athlete, and offer modifications to make class either more manageable or more challenging for those who attend. 

Gio uses intelligible, user-friendly sequences that target all areas of the body. They generally revolve around a weekly topic and sometimes use a prop that can be easily found in any household. 
Throughout class, she uses breath as a way to tune in, calm the body, and unwind; class moves slowly and, throughout the use of clear instructions, Gio will help the student achieve a clean, efficient, and strong form. Such form will not be foreign to an individual but easily relatable in the contexts of everyday life. 
In a Zoom private, Gio will assess the body and create a session that is especially tailored to the client taking into consideration all types of condition such as pre-existing injuries, pregnancy, specific needs and desires, and simply the need to move, breathe, and stay centered. 

Everyone is welcome, 
see you on the mat. 
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